Guest Blogger: Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Japan

Popularly known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is an outstanding blend of past and future. Its history stretching back thousands of years, Japanese traditional culture beautifully intersects with the latest fashions and trends of modern era. Retaining its native customs and traditions, this exclusive country has witnessed an epoch of openness and isolation.

The country of ground-breaking technologies and hypermodern civilization, Japan is too known for being an expensive tourist destination in the world. Especially, your flights to Japan are going to be the biggest expense of the trip. It can be saved to a certain extent by knowing how the travel industry works and spending some time on looking for best rates for booking cheap flights online. Don’t worry — it can be a little hectic to find out cheap tickets but may not be as difficult as you think. You just need to understand how the travel industry works and know where to look for airfare discounts.

First, making small changes in your timetable can save a lot in your travel costs. Air ticket prices are seasonal with all airlines — companies offer different special deals for different times. Being flexible can save you up to $250 on flight bookings.

Find out the general price range and stumble upon cheap deals on air fare to Japan by using the internet and searching for cheap flight tickets to Japan on Google or another search engine. This will help you understand the best time to travel and the difference in cost between peak and non peak seasons. Make sure to explore several travel portals, as they all claim to offer the lowest airfares.

Golden Week is the one of the most expensive times to travel in and out of Japan. This falls in spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Another time that one should avoid traveling to Japan is New Year’s from 27th December to 4th of January. August is also not recommended.The best time to find the cheapest deals on flight tickets is immediately after New Year celebrations. In fact, February and March are considered the off season for going to Japan, with the cheapest tickets for flights.

One more important thing that you can do is avoiding extra transportation costs from the airport. Instead of taxi rides from the airport to your hotel that significantly increase your travel costs, consider the Airport Limousine Bus or the Keisei Skyliner services that are up to 10 times cheaper than taxis.

So, do you still think that traveling to Japan is expensive? Well, it is expensive. But it’s worth every penny, if you play it smart and follow the above tips that can reduce your travel cost.

Author Bio: Amrita Barnwal is a passionate travel writer who is working with, an online travel portal for flight booking, hotel reservation and several other travel products. She believes that a trip is never complete if its experiences are not shared. She maintains a travel blog to share travel experiences.


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    Whenever is a good time for a vacation, it doesn’t have to be the summer. You can find some money saving deals and fewer crowd in the winter and fall.

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    Wonderful post and travel tips for the flights booking. Thank you

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